List of Must Have MMA Gear

MMA equipment

Mixed Martial Arts have gained popularity in 1990’s. This sport is helpful in developing self-defense and fitness. Like any other sport, MMA needs special gear which includes MMA shorts, t-shirts, gloves, groin protectors and other items. All the different products available these days confuse you in making purchase decisions. We are shedding some light on the MMA equipment to be considered.

MMA eqeuipment

1) MMA Gloves

MMA gloves are significant part of your MMA gear. You have to keep in mind few tips for buying your best MMA gloves. These gloves have mainly four types i.e. sparring, fighting, bag and hybrid gloves. Sparring gloves have been designed to protect you and your sparring partner. Fighting gloves have only one purpose. They are used in professional fights. Bag gloves protect your hands when you are training on bag. Hybrid gloves are a recent development. These are used for training, bag and sparring purposes. Your best MMA gloves will not only protect your hand but also provide you with peace of mind during training.

MMA Gloves

2) MMA Shorts

MMA shorts are specifically designed to allow maximum mobility. Their material should be breathable, wear and tear proof, and durable. Split outer leg seams and four way crotch panels are necessary for flexibility during training. Shorts with rubber panels on thigh region help you achieve firm grip.

MMA Shorts

3) MMA Rash Guards

Rash guards are used during training and not in actual fights. First, you need to check stitching quality. Good quality rash guards have four to five thread stitching. Rash guard material should be durable and comfortable. You will find long sleeve, quarter sleeve and tank top style rash guards.

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4) MMA Shin Guards

MMA involves dangerous and heavy kicks and thus require special caution during training. Shin guards provide the required protection. It is advisable to try few shin guards before buying to test the comfort and fitting.

mma shin guard

5) Mouth Guard

Mouth guards not only protect your teeth but also reduce risk of concussions and oral lacerations. There are two types of mouth guard. First is single-sided and the second is double-sided. Single-sided mouth guard protects your upper teeth. The double-sided mouth guard protects upper and lower teeth.