‘If Mayweather Won’t I will’ Says Pacquiao about Facing McGregor

After “Money” Mayweather’s snub to fight Conor McGregor for $25 million dollars, as he believes he is worth much more than that. Now it seems another mega-star known by the nickname “Pac Man” is willing to step up and take the challenge, but on one condition only that it will be in a boxing ring and not the Octagon.

Manny Pacquiao is eager to fight McGregor and settle the debate once and for all between boxing and mixed martial arts. The Filipino legend said: “I don’t know if they (Mayweather-McGregor) are taking it seriously. It’s on the news but I don’t know if it will happen, If McGregor will fight me in boxing, why not? But not in MMA. MMA is much different than boxing.”

Pacquiao, who last won his last fight against Jessie Vargas in November, is an elected senator in the Philippines, and he is now searching for another big money fight. Rumors are circulating that the 38-year-old could all set to face little known Australian Jeff Horm on April 23, 2017. If this is true, Pacquiao would come under severe criticism due to the fact Horn has limited exposure on the world stage.

UFC president Dana White made an astonishing offer to Mayweather is not a huge fan of Pacquiao’s promotor Bob Arum.

White said: “Listen, I love Manny Pacquiao, but I don’t love Bob Arum. You can tell Arum to save his money and not make any calls over here because we aren’t doing business with him.”

Even though Pacquiao has shown interest, it still remains unlikely that such a fight will happen anytime soon the two.