“I believe the fight can happen” Floyd Mayweather

Media hype continues with Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor

You love them of hate them, it doesn’t matter, it seems both Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are destined to face each other in a boxing match, a match that could turn out to be history’s richest fight, a fight that could generate a billion dollar revenue.

On one hand you have the undefeated 49-0 boxer, whose technique is flawless and calls himself “Money”, while on the other end we have a fighter who demolishes champions for fun. He’s famous for his unique fighting style that includes pinpoint accuracy, timing and precision.

Both these gentlemen are doing their best to hype their proposed fight in order to increase the pay-per-view fight, whenever that happens. Both these fighters love money and with this fight they can easily make boatloats of cash within in one night.

Mayweather did his part and showed up on Saturday at the MGM Grand, soon after “The Notorious” conducted his very 1st pay-per-view interview in which he accepted the possibility of a fight with the former pound-4-pound number one boxer in the world.

Mayweather said: “I believe the fight can happen. Like I said before, he is a tough competitor. He has proved throughout the years in the UFC that he can fight standing up. We’ll have to see what the future holds.”

Same day, McGregor posted this exclamation on his Instagram. “[Expletive] the UFC.”
Let’s hope all this talk makes sense and the fight happen soon. There is no point in wasting any more time by just talking.