How To Train Yourself With MMA Striking Skills

MMA athletes are the toughest athletes around. You need a lot of striking power, speed, mental toughness, techniques, and brute force in order to be successful but the question is how you can achieve all that.

Here are some basic training tips that modern day top fighters are using.

  • Sprinting Stairs


For this workout find a space with lot of stairs then explode all the way to the top. Next step is to carefully come down but be cautious as going to fast can cause you a serious injury. Don’t try to skip steps while you are going up or coming down if you are just a beginner. However, if you are at an advanced level of your training you can skip stairs while going up only. Complete 3-4 full reps of sprint stairs and immediately move to the next exercise such as a jump rope.

  • Skipping Rope


After the first workout you will be feeling very tired and out of breath and your legs will be feeling heavy. You will feel that way in the initial stages but as you progress you will be more comfortable and in control of yourself. Important thing to remember in this workout is to move from one exercise to the next without wasting any time. So in this case start skipping rope for one complete minutes and push yourself really hard. After that rest for about one minute and then go again. Complete three sets of jump rope exercise.

  • Cross on the Ground

cross the ground

This is a very simple workout but effective training exercise that will improve your speed and agility in a very short time. However, you need to be persistent if you want to see benefits. Draw a cross on the floor and jump back and forth over them. You can switch positions and jump side to side, diagonally or back and forth.

  • Shadow Boxing

shadow boxing

This training routine may seem strange to some but its effectiveness and results are unmatched. That is why every top athlete involved in MMA and boxing performs shadow boxing frequently. For better results, it is important to shadow box in front of a mirror. Imagine yourself fighting an imaginary opponent just like in competitions. Keep your eyes on your footwork and throw kicks, punches, and other striking moves.