Boxing Match Chris Brown VS Soulja Boy

If the world wasn’t bizarre enough, turns out Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are getting into a celebrity boxing match, and to make things stranger – Floyd Mayweather is training Soulja Boy, while Mike Tyson has offered to train Chris Brown.

Now this news is odd in many ways – both these guys look like toothpicks, they also both seem like they smoke a lot of a drugs, and are in no way close to being remotely fit. One of them does have some boxing experience though; if you want to consider beating up your GF like when Brown gave Rihanna the Black (eye) boxing experience then, sure.

Soulja boy on the other hand looks like he could use some bread. Heck as a matter of fact it looks like ‘bread’ could knock him out – and if anything, we’re all hoping he’s got a better chin than Rihanna because if he’s looking to ‘Supaman that—-‘, then he is truly looking to get pounded on.

What makes this news EVEN more interesting is the two greatest boxers of all time wanting to coach these idiots.

The match-up is apparently set to go off in Las Vegas and will be televised.

Today’s up and coming rap/hip hop stars started their beef when one of them (Soulja Boy) ended up liking a picture on Instagram that happened to be Chris Brown’s ex-GF, Karrueche Tran which incited some back and forth which finally lead to ‘Boy’ tweeting: “The difference between me and Chris is I shot a Nigga before. And he hit a woman before. We not the same”.

If THAT doesn’t make you want to prove your medal (against another ‘man) then what will?

Truth be told, this is not what fighting is about. This right here, is NOT what it’s about – but it sure as hell is entertaining. For many, Soulja and Brown knocking each other out, is a double blessing in disguise.

I can tell you right now who Rihanna’s rooting for though – and it ain’t Chris.