4 Good Medicine Ball Workouts That Will Be Handy

medicine ball workout

Medicine Ball Workouts

Exercises and workouts keep your body fit, strong and smart. Many people work out as hard as they can to stay fit but most of the people can’t go to the gym for working out and do not know how to work out at home in a good way. Medicine balls are the best fitness gear for all such people who want to work out efficiently at home. You don’t need much space to use medicine balls for exercising. Moreover, these balls are not expensive. Other good equipment for exercising at home comprise of skipping ropes, pull-up bars, dumbbells, heavy bags and much more.

Medicine balls are quite easy to use but most of the people do not know how to use them properly. There are many kinds of exercises and workouts which can be performed using these balls. Some of those are mentioned below with guidelines on how to perform them.

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Lying Chest Throw:

Lie flat on the ground, bend your knees completely (with feet flat on the ground) and keep your head on the ground too (but make sure that it is on rest). Now grab a medicine ball with both your hands strongly and bring the ball, with bent elbows, in front of your chest. Throw the ball straight up with little force and keep your arms stretched till the ball comes back to you. Once the ball comes back down, catch it and bring your arms back to the starting position. This is one repetition. This exercise requires a lot of practice for perfection. When you bring your arms and hands back down, quickly throw the ball back up and keep repeating the above mentioned process till you complete your fixed number of repetitions.

Lying Chest on ball

The ‘V-Up’ Workout:

V-Up’ Workout
Lie flat on the ground and hold a medicine ball strongly in both your hands. Now stretch your arms in the direction of your head. Lift your head, torso, arms and stretched legs up, all at the same time such that your hands and feet nearly meet each other and form a V position. This will exert pressure on your core muscles. Now gradually and slowly, return back to the starting position. That is a single repetition.

Squat Throw

Squat Throw workout
Form a chair position and grab a medicine ball strongly and firmly with both your hands. Bring the ball in front of you, prepare to jump, putting pressure on heels and then jump up in the air with all might. When you reach maximum height, throw the ball up. You don’t have to worry about catching the ball. This is one repetition. Now keep repeating the above mentioned process till you complete the number fixed for your daily workout routine.

Ball Fly

ball fly workout
Lie down on a stability ball and keep your feet flat and straight on the ground. Spread your legs wide and hold a medicine ball with both your hands firmly. Bring the medicine ball straight over your chest with stretched arms and then holds the ball in your right hand only. Widespread your arms so that they become parallel to the ground and then bring your arms back to the starting position gradually. Now move the ball to your left hand and repeat the same process again. This is one repetition. Complete the fixed number of repetitions.

These 4 medicine ball workouts are some of the best ones and will be very beneficial for you if you want to get strong, smart, tough and fit. Perform these exercises regularly to see the best results after a short period of time. To set a certain number of repetitions of all the above mentioned workouts, either visit a professional or search the internet.