If you want to be a heavyweight lifter, it is imperative that you develop a powerful grip. This can be achieved through certain exercises and tools such as weightlifting grips and lifting belts. However, you must understand these grips are only used under certain conditions, otherwise they will work against you. Here are some useful tips to make your forearms and wrists rock solid.

  • Don’t encourage weakness

Don’t get intimidated by other bodybuilders in the gym and start lifting weights that are beyond your capability. Your most important objective is to strengthen your weak grip. So keep your pride at bay for a while and start lifting lighter weights without any support. This will challenge you entire body to get stronger.

  • Practice your grip daily

Perform grip training as much as possible, if possible incorporate it in your daily pulling and lifting routines. This will quickly develop your forearms and the continuous stress will make your grip stronger and powerful.

  • Lift heavy weights

Don’t just concentrate of your grip but work hard to strengthen your entire arm. You can do that by incorporating heavy deadlifts, bodyweight rows, and pull-ups. Keep adding weight on the bar to add stress and challenge your grip further. You can switch grips after every few reps, then try to adjust to different positions and perform various exercises such as walking lunges while you are holding dumbbells. This sort of workout will help you build a stronger grip.

  • Use grip boosters

There are many tools such as weightlifting grips that can help with your grip. But you can only use these grip builder when holding heavier weight. You can also use a towel and wrap it around the bar to improve grip. As you hold the bar, squeeze the towel as you perform this challenge. Too much of the towel can cause havoc and turn you simple pull-ups into an impossible task, especially if you have a weak grip.

  • Squeezing the bar

Squeezing the bar is the simplest and one of the most powerful tips for grip improvement. During a set, don’t allow the bar to slide toward your fingers. What you need to do is, wrap your thumb around the bar and keep it jammed firmly in the palm. And when you are performing a set, you just need to focus on squeezing the bar as tightly as possible. This way you will be able to find your grip strength and take it to your maximum limits.