You VS Fatigue


How You Kill Fatigue

Ever feel like you’re drained beyond living, when batting an eyelash is considered labour? You feel like hitting the gym or breaking out a sweat but ‘I. Am. Just. Too. Damn. Tired – and hence I will go to sleep instead’. You know you want it. But you just can’t do it.

That’s alright. Because if you have a will; I have a way!

The answer is Fatigue. A two-headed monster that rears its head in two forms. Mental and Physical fatigue. Both affect one another and which in turn has an effect on YOU.

Mental Fatigue:

It’s all in your head. If your mind is not in the right place, then every place and condition feels wrong. Some days you will push yourself beyond the limits, but on others you’ll feel like HALF a set is pushing your bodily existence to the brink of death. Your mind has already beaten the body at this point.

Mental Fatigue

Cortisol is responsible for the body’s response toward elevated physical or mental activity when you’re faced with situations such as work, exercise or just getting through the day. Popularly known as the ‘stress hormone’, the adrenal glands in our bodies responsible for dispensing Cortisol begins to pour surplus amounts of Cortisol which tends to inhibit the release of other hormones required by your body to balance out your system, such as digestion and healing. Instead, the result is a weakened immune system, weight-gain, a depleted gland with low levels of Cortisol that eventually leave you, tired, fatigued, BEAT.

It’s in your head – and it trickles to the body.

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Physical Fatigue:

This is the tricky part. When the other hormones that balance your bodily functions is being over-run with ‘the stress hormone’, your body inhibits the flow of other hormones responsible for other bodily functions.

Physical Fatigue

In turn the brain sends signals to your body, almost ‘fooling’ it into believing that it has ‘no energy to work’ and that ‘it needs to recover and recuperate’ before it can do anything strenuous – and what happens when the body/muscles are strained? It releases lactic acid into the body, because it’s not receiving the optimum level of oxygen required for blood flow to the muscles. This causes loss of stamina and lack of will to continue.

Now to explain why these two are interlinked:

You must keep the mind healthy by tending to the body first. The body requires ‘fuel’, and the quality of fuel it gets determines the level of energy it will dispense. Other than food, daily habits really count.

How much rest, relaxation or activity you get in a day?

Here are a few tips that’ll eradicate the laziness and have you jogging your way to the gym instead of mentally crawling to it.

Load up on Healthy Complex Carbs:

Contrary to popular belief, healthy carbs are essential for releasing energy to your body throughout the day by burning the calories slowly. This ensures balanced energy levels throughout the day and a sense of ‘feeling full’.

Have a Mixed Diet Plan

Mix up your diet plan with an assortment of lean cut meats, vegetables and fruits. Avoid processed food and starving yourself. You need to keep the engine running and the only way that happens is when you’re consuming the right stuff. Eat right, live right – expect results.

Keep the Machine Lubed

Keeping your insides hydrated and lubed (for lack of better term) is essential to allow oxygen and blood flow in the body to all the right places, especially the brain and muscles. Dehydration can slow the body down more so than usual. Imagine a machine that requires oiling – that is what drinking water means.


Rest and sleep cycles are very important for the body to recover to bring it back to optimum levels. It is during your rest cycle where you’re ACTUALLY BENEFITING your body by allowing it to heal and recuperate lost essentials during the days. 7 – 8 hours rest is highly beneficial for both the mind and body as it balances the Cortisol levels out, cutting out the unwarranted feelings of stress.

Get a hold on these and you’ve gotten a hold of your fatigue. Now YOU’RE in control of your body. Time to hit that gym and beat the stress out.