Yoel Calling out Bisping on Twitter for a fight

Yoel Romero (12-1-0) is eager to get in the octagon with Michael Bisping (31-7-0) – but the Soldier of God will have to wait on ‘The Count’s’ knee to heal up first.

Stating in a recent interview, Yoel indicates that If things go according to schedule, we should be seeing a grand fight for the title in Dallas on May 13th. And just for that to happen, Yoel wished Bisping a get well soon and ‘a see you in the ring message all in one’ via Twitter.

Since his jaw-dropping flying knee KO against top contender Chris Weidman, Yoel’s fight talk got even hotter when he became the number one contender for the UFC middleweight belt, UFC 205, New York. We’ve had a lot of calling out tweets from the Cuban ever since. Bisping will return from surgery by the end of April or in May and Yoel is hell-bent on taking the title from Bisping. He said:

“If someone has a belt man, they need to defend it, someone needs to take it from them. Who has the belt? Michael Bisping. Who’s going to take it from him, who’s the best at 185? Yoel Romero.”

In his recent tweet, Yoel tweeted: ‘Tick tock Mickey’ which indicates him being totally prepared to face ‘The Count’ Bisping.

Bisping, on the other hand, has told the press that he looking for big money fights and wants GSP or Anderson Silva. But alas, he’ll have to face rightful no.1 contender after all. For his surgery, he mentions it as a very slight thing so yes, people, we will see a fight.

“I’ve got to get that knee surgery taken care of. We scheduled that and I should be having that in the next couple of weeks. Get that taken care of, and I’ll probably be defending the belt around May, something like that I would guess.”

Bisping has a five-fight win streak and hasn’t lost since 2014. So why is this fight any different?

We will have to see how the surgery affects his strength, otherwise, the MMA world will have a great night full of exciting fights for sure as both fighters always show up for war.