What Will Happen If Mayweather Starts MMA?

Mayweather Jr. who conquered boxing by remaining unbeaten till the end of his career had announced his retirement after having his career’s 49th fight against Andre Berto in September, 2015. Mayweather possessed some unique fighting skills but as time passed, he started losing confidence and didn’t fight renowned and expert fighters which is why many people don’t consider him to be one of the best.

Robbie Lawler, the American mixed martial artist, talked about Mayweather’s fighting skills and said that if Mayweather ever fought as an MMA fighter, he won’t be able to stand two minutes in the octagon. Lawler said, “Against the best guys in the world? He’s not making it out of two minutes.”

Lawler also said, “It’s a totally different sport. Not at our level. What happens when he gets picked up and slammed on the ground and he’s on his back? There’s a lot of variables, and he’s great at what he does, and this is a totally different sport.”

Lawler suggested that it will be better if Mayweather gets defeated in the starting few minutes of the fight instead of getting hit and injured badly. He said, “It’d be a better thing for someone to take him down and finish him quick than to kick his legs out, kick him in the body, take him down, elbow him in the face, do those kinds of things for five rounds.”

Lawler is an expert MMA fighter and holds the current UFC welterweight belt. His words may be a bit harsh but as an MMA specialist, what he analysed about Mayweather might be true. It may be false as well but not much can be said about it as Mayweather does not look in a mood to prove that he’s good in MMA too.