We Are Not Teammates – Robbie Lawler Ready for Woodley at UFC 201

The current UFC Welterweight Champion Robbie “Ruthless” Lawler (27-10) will be facing Tyron “Chosen One” Woodley (15-3) at UFC 201 at the Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia.

Both fighters represent the same American Top Team flag and considered teammates, however according to Lawler, they are not.

Lawler said: “Woodley was there before me, he’s been part of ATT (American Top Team) long before I got there, but he hasn’t been down in Coconut Creek doing his training camps. Like I don’t think he’s been down there for two years and he was rarely down there before so I don’t really look at him as a teammate.

The King has a lot of respect but suggests both UFC fighters won’t be holding back when they enter the Octagon ring on July 30.

A teammate’s a guy who’s in there everyday grinding, making other guys better, and building the atmosphere. He’s definitely part of the ATT family but he’s not one of my teammates.

Lawler 34, is considered one of the most feared champions in the division. He will look to become the best P4P fighter with a win and his next target would be Conor McGregor.