Top 4 MMA Fighting Techniques to Take You to the Top

mma fight techniques

Top 4 MMA Fighting Techniques

MMA is not just about speed and power you also require technical skills to succeed in this sport. In this post you will read about some of the best MMA fighting techniques that every MMA fighter must know and learn about. Here you will learn how you can take-down your opponent fast.

Check out these top four takedown techniques that pro MMA athletes are using these days.

The Double Leg

When you talk about the MMA fighting techniques, the double leg is the first thing that you learn in mixed martial arts training. This technique is the most effective, efficient, and simple to learn. If you are fighting in a cage then it becomes even more powerful and dangerous against your opponent. Another important aspect about the double leg technique is that you can learn it even if you don’t have grappling experience.

double leg mma

As there are lot of risks involved if not setup perfectly, the double leg can turn out to be a dangerous move. An experienced opponent can throw punches at you as well as try to hit you with leg, so you need to be very careful attempting it.

The Body Lock

For this technique you will find several variations. One of them is adding an outside leg trip. This can be done after immediately after you throw overhand right to you opponent. Another variation is to push you opponent against the cage so that he is unable to outmaneuver you.

mma body lock

The risks with this technique is that when you get close, your opponent can throw elbow to your face and knees to your midsection but the most dangerous thing to worry about is the double over-hook face.

The Single Leg

This is one MMA fighting technique that you must learn as it has the highest number of take down in wrestling. The main reason why this is so important is that you can shoot single leg with your head on the inside.

single leg mma

This provides you some protection against the guillotine choke move from your opponent. The single leg move is also very handy against a wrestler who is stronger and heavier than you.

The Suplex

Some people might say there is no place for suplex in MMA as it is not pro wrestling.

suplex mma

This should not be your concern and as a matter of fact you can use it with several variations like getting behind your opponent’s back, or the Greco-Roman clinch. Make sure you practice this move and avoid using it unless you have perfectly mastered it.

We hope these 4 techniques will improve your MMA fighting techniques quickly and make you a much better fighter.