The Top 4 Traveling and Portable Gym Equipment

Gym dubmells

Not everyone wants to take a break from his daily workout routine due to traveling. If you are one of those people who want to stay fit and keep on performing their daily workouts without taking a break, try using portable gym equipment for working out during short or long trips. You can carry these equipment anywhere with you as they’re easy to carry and inexpensive as well. Here are the 4 best gym gear for working out during journeys.

Skipping Ropes
These ropes are very useful and inexpensive. Jumping ropes are easily available on online stores and markets, they are quite light in weight and they don’t need much room to be used. Rope skipping has many health benefits.

skipping rope

It improves not only your legs but also your cardiovascular health, hand to eye coordination and body balance. It has many other benefits as well.

Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are elastic bands which can be used in many different ways and each exercise performed using these bands has its own benefits. These bands are one of the best equipment to carry during trips and journeys. They are easy to carry and require quite little space to be used. Moreover these bands are easily available in stores at reasonable rates.

Dumbbells may be a bit heavy but are easy to handle and can be carried during trips and tours. Furthermore, they’re easily available in markets and can be used in numerous ways.

dumbles fitness

Every workout performed using dumbbells has its own perks and advantages. Dumbbells are mostly used for building arm and chest muscles.

Medicine Balls
Medicine balls are another way of working out efficiently. These balls are mostly available in a weight range of 8-12 kilograms at quite reasonable prices.

medicine ballThere are a lot of workouts which can be performed using medicine balls and each workout has various health benefits. You don’t need much space to perform exercises using medicine balls and they’re not difficult to be carried.