The Hottest MMA Gear Brands Of 2016

MMA is betting bigger day by day and at the same time there are a large number of brands that have suddenly arrived in order to compete with each other. In this scenario it becomes very confusing even for a seasoned campaigner to pick the right one, imagine how difficult it will be for someone who is an absolute beginner. Remember not every brand makes everything perfectly. There are some brands who are famous for protective gear, some brands make fitness equipment better, while other brands are known for their quality sportswear. So before you go out buying or ordering online you must look at all these aspects.

There are other important factors as well which makes a brand stand out in the crowd. You need to look at these as well. These are:

How easy it is to order and see if their product is readily available or not. No matter how big the brand is if their products are always out of stock or it takes a lot of time in shipment then you have no use for them. It is better to order from another brand because there are many good brands out there.

Also check whether the product you are buying is recognized or endorsed by other coaches, gyms or fighters. This kind of knowledge is extremely important to have and you should always check their reputation of quality from different sources. Read user feedbacks from different sources in terms of quality, pricing, and user experience.


venum-sharp-2-fight-shorts-white-blueVenum was originally famous for MMA shorts but they are now offering a wide range of MMA gear including boxing & MMA equipment as well as sports apparel.


rev.challenger.bk.6Revgear manufactures everything you might need for your mixed martial art training. Products they make are professionally built and used by many top Pro-athletes.



Hayabusa is a very popular brand which makes everything from quality combat sports equipment and clothing. Product lineup includes everything from punching bags to footgrips and not to forget protective gear.



If there is one brand that has steam rolled all the rest of the brands with their quality and price, it is RDX. In very short time they have established themselves as a leading sports brand, selling everything from boxing, Muay Thai and mixed martial arts equipment and apparel.

Cleto Reyes

cleto-reyes-handschuh1Cleto Reyes is famous for manufacturing some of the best boxing gloves due to their wide range of top features. When it comes to performance and comfort Cleto Reyes top the chart.