“10 taps before Yamasaki stops it after @Cowboycerrone tells him!!! And he was looking right at it……WOW!!!!!”

This is what Dana White had to tweet after the Cowboy vs Cowboy fight. Cowboy Cerrone full mounted Cowboy Oliveira, during the scramble Cerrone ends up on top and locks a TIGHT triangle choke almost immediately (and just seamlessly too – what class). Oliveira doesn’t give it much time before he starts tapping. But how many taps does it take to get a guy off you before you’ve choked the living life out of him? Apparently – 10!

10!? 10 times a fighter had to visibly tap before Mario Yamasaki would jump in and end the fight. What were you thinking man? Day dreaming about your daughters ballet lessons? There’s a fighter foaming at the mouth from asphyxiation! How’d that happen!?

Mario’s a great ref, there’s no doubt about that. Referees are there for fighter health and security more than they are there to judge the fight. A referee must be vigilant, attentive and have knowledge of the sport and bodily health to make those split second decisions that could make ALL the difference between life, death or permanent damage.

While referees are there to stop the errors, we need to realize that referees, too, are prone to error. We’ve all heard the saying – “To err is human”. But please, not in the case where your mistake could lead to a human being DYING.

Not to sound too dramatic or anything. They all turned out just fine. But we have to realize that while we watch (and enjoy) a blood sport – these are human beings fighting each other with their bare hands. These organizations and promotions make their money from the fighters, and in my opinion the fighters deserve better than what their organizations are offering them. Like ‘NO MISTAKES’ and ‘BETTER PAY’.