Roy Jones Is Going to Retire?

roy jones retires

On December 12, one of the deadliest fights took place at the VTB Arena in Moscow, Russia in which Roy Jones Jr. was knocked out by the cruiserweight Welshman Enzo Maccarinelli. The fight ended in 1 minute and 59 seconds of the fourth round. Maccarinelli thrashed Jones, took him to the ropes and hit him with a mighty uppercut and a right handed punch after which Jones fell down and got KOed.

roy jones retire

Maccarinelli possesses a track record of 41-7 after the great victory while Jones holds a record of 62-9. He has knocked out his opponents 45 times while Maccarinelli has managed to KO his opponents in the ring 33 times. It seems like Jones is now going to retire. He’s 46 already and has fought the 71st fight of his professional boxing career. Moreover, Jones is now starting to lose his strength due to increasing age.

After the fight, Maccarinelli said, “I’d like to say it was an honour to share the ring with Roy who in my eyes is still a ring legend and I hope that he recovers fully from this.” He also said, “Regarding my win, I’m over the moon with the performance and it showed that I’ve got the power to hurt anybody.” Furthermore, Maccarinelli said that he wants to win a title in the upcoming year. He said, “That ends the year nicely and now I want to keep busy in 2016 and get another world title shot to become a two-time world champion.”