Review: Top Fitness Wear for Women

Those days are long gone when women used to be on a back foot when it came to gym workout and fitness training. Now women are equal to men in terms of passion and hard work in their physical training, but in terms of what they wear or how they look in the gym, they are two steps ahead.

Women always like access to accessorize themselves with outfits that are sleek, trendy and fun. Check out our top pick fitness wear for women that will help you in terms of performance and health.

  1. Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record-Equipped

uaf137Thanks to a coin-sized chip with built-in sensors that are embedded shoes, you can now keep track of your performance in the gym. Added benefits of these trainers include:

  • It provides metrics such as cadence, duration, distance, calories burned, and splits.
  • After you finish your run just sync to your phone over Bluetooth to review your stats in the UA app.
  • In case, you want to add GPS tracking and running data, you can do this using the SpeedForm Gemini 2 RE and the UA MapMyRun app.
  • You can also track your outdoor runs as well as your runs on indoor treadmill.
  • It has an Auto Start feature start running automatically, when you exceed a speed of 11 minutes per mile.
  1. Fitbit Charge 2


Wearable tech is still considered a bit scary for many people. However, Fitbit has managed to change it because it looks cool when moving around.

With Fitbit Charge 2, so many new features have been added like guided breathing, interchangeable bands, a larger screen and new data tracking with VO2 Max. It’s handy for basic step and sleep tracking but you can also take it much further if you want.



Recovering after a hectic workout is very important and this is something you must always consider in order to get improved results and fitness. Forget massages and ice baths, with RY400 women’s compression long tights you don’t need anything to speed up your recover.

For best results, simply pull on the garment after workout. It will reduce tenderness and muscle soreness by providing more oxygen to the resting muscles.

  1. RDX Ladies Amara Bodybuilding Weight Lifting Gym Gloves


This is where science meets sportswear! These gym gloves are what you need to keep your hands safe from roughness and toughness of hands from lifting weights and pull-up exercises. Not only are these durable women’s gym gloves built to last a lifetime, but you will also have superb grip with weights, better breath ability and freedom of movement, plus an easy to wear glove that can be quickly slipped on or off at any time.