Nothing Can Stop McGregor Now – After a Crushing 13 sec KO of Aldo in UFC 194

Mcgregor UFC Champion

Before Saturday, Jose Aldo had a successful winning streak that lasted 10 long years in which he made numerous title defences of his UFC Featherweight Championship. But on December 12 was a day to forget for the Brazilian fighter as he got humiliated is the worst fashion imaginable, getting knocked out in a record 13 seconds by the Connor McGregor.

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Remember, McGregor had predicted a 1st round knockout before the fight but even the Irish himself couldn’t believe the manner in which he won the UFC Featherweight Belt.

In the aftermath of the crushing defeat, a dressing room video has appeared in which the former champion sits on the floor for 13 minutes facing the wall with towel on his head, and head in hands.

For McGregor, who is a very out spoken individual, has proved the world once again that he always proves right what he says.

The Irishman who teased and tortured the Brazilian for over a year before the fight, had nothing but respect for his opponent after the fight.

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‘Jose has been a phenomenal champion, respect to a great champion, the true greats will always overcome adversity. I wish him and his loyal team well on their journey back.’ McGregor said.

What next for the newly crowned champion, will be give Aldo a rematch that he is asking for or will he go for another title, remains to be seen but for McGregor will enjoy his victory.