Money makes you Notorious

Money – and the Notorious one

Sports, media, fans. There is a frenzy over retired boxing superstar Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and UFC’s most famous star and champion, Conor McGregor. Whether is a fight is happening or not, everyone associated with boxing and MMA wants a piece of their earning’s cake.

Boxing or MMA, money not only talks, it screams. From promoters to sponsors to media, everyone is in for the money and the thrill. This fight is getting people on the edges of their seats and sofas and they just want to watch the most exciting fight in a Boxing VS MMA fight since Muhammad Ali fought against wrestler Antonio Inoki in 1976. This fight will be complicated of course, how much money will they get, who is sponsoring, media coverage, pay-per-view cost and profits and setting the rules on which the fight will be judged. Referees? Hello?

How do you judge a fight between two mega sports clashing together: You grab a bowl of popcorn and yell at everyone?

Or you read all the comments online and join the bandwagon of ‘Notorious Money’

This bout has gotten the biggest digital (and otherwise) media hype since forever and the reason this fight WILL happen eventually is Money. All parties involved want money, and you put two top names from two most exciting sports in the world and yes, you’ll get everyone talking, gossiping, betting and anticipating.

Mayweather is claiming retirement but if you were offered a 100 million dollars payday, would you say no?


Secondly, McGregor has never boxed professionally, so it might be a huge way of him ruining his entire career as well. According to American Broadcaster Skip Bayless, this fight will remain a ‘Talk’ and not turn into a reality as he thinks that Mayweather has no intentions to go back in the ring.

“He’s doing it again. He’s dropping hints. He’s telling Freddie Roach, ‘Get ready to train him,’ because he knows Freddie will spread this news like its fertilizer. And he knows, Floyd does, that he can now lead people to believe this fight is this close to happening, and when it gets that close, in the end, Floyd will bow out and he will make the excuse that Conor McGregor is making ‘outrageous, unrealistic demands.’ He does it every time because he wants no part of Conor McGregor.”

While Bayless has doubts regarding the fight and the amount of money involved, he feels that boxing will get tainted if this actually happens. His opinion and concern is shared by two-time world champion Canelo Alvarez, who said,

“It’s a joke for boxing if that happens. It is a businessman fight. I like to fight a serious fight.”

But Freddie Roach, the famed boxing coach was asked if this fight will happen or not and he was pretty convinced. In fact, he suggested that he would want to get involved as well.

“According to Mayweather, yes. He told me he would fight him. Everything is pointing in that direction right now, I think Mayweather is the favorite, yes, but I wouldn’t count anyone out. Because (McGregor) throws, he throws hard and he’s not afraid to throw.”

MvGregor recently put up a video of him training in the ring, boxing. And showing off some serious boxing skills. If you guess the money part, this fight will break all pay-per-view records. The Mayweather-Pacquiao contest recorded most pay-per-view buys, (4.6 mn) and highest ticket sales ($72mn) making both of them mega rich. If you replace Pacquiao with McGregor, you will see a huge overflow of crossover fans. This fight, if happens, will create a new trend of crossover fights which people will pay a lot to watch.

One more thing, though, McGregor has a contract with UFC. UFC doesn’t have much to gain if it doesn’t get involved, but if it does, then its raining money for everyone.