‘Money’ getting Money and ‘Notorious’ getting the fight

After months and months of anticipation, rumors, trash talk, and money making ideas being thrown around, Mayweather vs. McGregor is finally set to happen.

MMA and Boxing world are on the edges of their chairs at the moment because Mayweather just announced his un-retirement from Boxing and UFC President Dana White is set to pay Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor 20.5 million pounds each for their fight. So that makes the fight more possible than ever. Some say that Dana is desperate but who wouldn’t, there is a river of money flowing from people, media, promoters, sponsors and fans.  So ‘Money’ will see money in the future. Mayweather was at an event for FightHype and he announced the news equalizing to finding the Holy Grail in Boxing:

“Today, I’m officially out of retirement for Conor McGregor. We don’t need to waste no time. We need to make this shit happen quickly. Let’s get on in June. I’m not ducking or dodging anyone. I’m only coming out of retirement for one person and that’s Conor McGregor.”

Irish MMA artist and UFC’s biggest star Conor McGregor has been challenging Mayweather for over 5 months now, and Mayweather, who retired from boxing in 2015 has a 49-0 record, wants to fight him and him alone. Mayweather has asked for a guaranteed $100 million to make the fight happen, with $15 million going to McGregor, while UFC president Dana White has talked of $25 million to each plus pay-per-view money.

McGregor, the biggest pay-per-view attraction in MMA, is contracted to UFC and the organization would have to approve any fight he wants to make. Not just that, but boxing has a different set of rules than MMA and for a crossover to take place, there will be a merger of rules and fans and that is sure to cause a social media and combat sports storm. It will be a boxing match primarily, but since McGregor has no history of professional boxing, some critics think that McGregor is pushing his luck.

And, Mayweather the fight to be according to him since he has the upper hand. And that McGregor is ‘All talk no action’

“We cannot mix up the rules and regulations because I’m the A side, he called me out. You call me out, then, we have to go by my rules. If I called you out then we’d have to go by your rules. It’s always boxing. Conor McGregor, stop ducking and diving Floyd Mayweather. Tell the UFC to let’s make this fight happen. I don’t want the UFC to look bad”

For the last few months we were listening to major sports critics and promoters about the fight and their predictions but now that Mayweather has OFFICIALLY announced that he is out of retirement, and to make it whole lotta better, Dana is willing to spend some, we are SO close to this fight of the decade. According to Dana:

“Mayweather clearly believes he is the A side and rightfully so, I believe he is 49 and 0 and has dominated so many great opponents that he has fought throughout his career, so he’s going to want more money than that. But the fact that Floyd has come out today and said I’m un-retiring to fight Conor McGregor is something that should move the needle.”

We only have two things to worry about now. One, whether or not an American Commission in any state will allow an MMA fighter with no professional boxing experience, and two, to find a referee or judges system that would allow this crossover to take place in a mutually decided venue and mutually decided a set of rules for the points system.