MMA Equipment To Get You Started

MMA gear can massively boost your chances of avoiding injuries that may hinder your progress in the early days. Getting the right gear is necessary for any fighter, it doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning or well acquainted with the sport. MMA gear helps every kind of fighter, whether you’re a grappler, striker or a complete mixed martial artist.

Here’s an in-depth analysis of all the main articles involved in MMA:

  • MMA Gloves:

Most of the time MMA fighters just have hand wraps on while they’re training and only switch to gloves when it’s time for a fight. Usually MMA gloves have 4-6 oz. of padding which help protect your hands from any injuries to the knuckles and wrists. MMA gloves have space for the movement of your fingers which helps with grappling techniques such as submissions and clinch fighting.

A simple rule follows for all MMA gloves, lightly weighted gloves provide more speed and heavily padded gloves offer endurance and durability. MMA Gloves shouldn’t be your first preference of MMA Gear, there are a few other items that you need to get used to first.

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  • Hand Wraps:

Contrary to popular belief, MMA Gloves aren’t the most important item in your collection of MMA Gear. Hand Wraps provide the base on which you build your defense mechanism for a fight. Your hands are made out of hundreds of bones that make up your fists and wrists. Hand Wraps provide support to those bones and keeps them in their place in case of heavy blow.

Hand Wraps usually come in 180” but if you have a smaller hands then even a 120” wrap would do the trick.

  • Mouth Guards:

Mouth Guards have far more use than just keeping your teeth intact. While that is the primary purpose of their design but upon further investigation, it has been found that they also help you with concussions and complete knockouts to the point that you completely lose conscious.

Mouth Guards are also very helpful against any laceration that might occur in your mouth due to an awkwardly struck punch or kick. MMA Mouth Guards come in single and double sided protection. Always get the ones that offer maximum protection.

  • Groin Protectors:

Groin Protectors play a big part in the movement and protection of the fighter. MMA fighter is always on the move and being static even for a second could prove to be very costly. So getting the rightly sized groin protector that is made out of material that does not cause the fighter any discomfort is very important.

Always try out the groin protector before making the purchase by shadow boxing and kicking. Don’t trust the label and get the ideal protector that fits best according to your needs.

Seek your trainers’ advice before going for any type of MMA Gear. Always do your research and learn how to protect the gear for longer sustainability.