McGregor Is Being Favored By UFC, Claims Aldo

The former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo recently lost by a 13 second KO to the new champ Conor McGregor. McGregor, the MMA sensation, has gained much popularity after this stunning win and he’s now going to fight for the lightweight title against Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 197 on March 5.

Aldo has lately claimed that he had the same plans as McGregor and he wanted to fight in the lightweight division to become the two division champion but he was not allowed to do so. Aldo said that he was told that he would have to vacate his belt if he wanted a lightweight title shot. It is quite clear from his statements that UFC president Dana White is favouring McGregor due to his fame and the money that he’s making.

Aldo also said that he was promised a title shot after the unexpected loss. He said, “The conversation happened right after the fight. Dana and Lorenzo went to our locker room and said the next fight would be with Frankie Edgar for title because Conor wouldn’t make the weight anymore. That was the idea when the fight was over, but if someone asks me what I want, it is the rematch of course. I don’t see another fight for me besides a title fight or a rematch.”

“Everything is about money. If not for that, it wouldn’t have come to this,” said Aldo. “If you look back, I asked to do the exact same thing years ago and they said no. I always asked to fight for the lightweight title, and they said I would have to abandon my belt and fight without it. If I lost or won, they would give me an immediate fight for the belt. Today I’m seeing it’s not like they were saying.”