Lifting Straps – When Not To Use Them

There is a misconception that lifting straps are used every time you lift weight. The fact is if you do that it’s going to do more harm than good. Straps should only be used in extra ordinary circumstances which we will discuss these special conditions in the article below.

1.No Deadlifts Using Straps

Lifting straps are not suitable for deadlifts even when you are lifting maximum weights, and certainly not for single attempts. If you are having grip problems, it is much better that you work on your grip with the help of thick implement training. Its time efficient as it allows you to work on other muscle groups.

2.No Cleans/Squat Cleans

Using straps on cleans and squat cleans should also be avoided. It has been observed that sometimes straps have tangled hands and caused serious accidents.

3.Not For Warm-Ups

Straps should never be used during warm-up exercises and most post warm-up exercises don’t even require lifting belts. You should use straps only when your weak grip is preventing you to overload muscles. For grip strength, it is better to design your workout that makes you grip stronger.

4.Don’t Used Close to Competition

It is extremely poor approach to use straps when you are preparing for a competition as it will make your hands soft and weak. There is also a danger that you will become dependent upon straps. There is also a tendency that straps might cause tearing upon the skin besides limiting your overall ability to heavy lifts.

Looking at all these situations you might be having thoughts – should you spend your money on something you will hardly use? The answer is – Yes! You should definitely use them, first of all they are not that expensive and secondly, if used appropriately, it will ensure maximum overload of muscles and also improve you technique. Remember one last thing that you are using accessories like these to get stronger, if you are not getting stronger then you are better off without them.