How To Survive A Power Punch–Boxing Drills Unleashed

Boxing is a sport where you cannot avoid getting hit for long, even if you possess the best of defence. So it is important to be prepared, because get it straight, you will get punched. You can only become a great boxer if you know how to take the best strikes of you opponents. There are some very good boxers out there with extremely good technique both in defence and attack, but some boxers suffer something known as a glass jaw. Meaning, they are unable to absorb a hard punch and usually end up on a canvas every time their opponent lands a solid strike on the button.

You can argue that sometimes you are faced with big and powerful punchers and whatever you do, nothing can prepare you against their power – that’s true. But a good boxer never goes into a fight thinking he will get KO’d.

This article is designed to teach boxing drills for surviving a powerful punch.

  • Spar with you on receiving end


This is a drill designed to test your defensive skills. Ask your sparring partner to throw punches at you, all you need to do is keep your eyes wide open and block everything, stay relaxed while allowing the close misses. In this drill you are not supposed to throw punches at all. This is not an objective here. This drill will help you with your movement, show you different angles from where you can get hit, and how to reach after getting hit on body and face.

  • Hang a slip bag


Tie a small bag to a string and let it swing and come back at your face. When it’s just about to strike you, move sideways letting it to brush by. Repeat this drill every day until the movement comes naturally to you. You can also use your partner to throw bag at you. Ask him to change to pace of throws to keep you guessing.

  • Build muscle


Strong muscle is the answer to shield against powerful body shots. There are many exercises that you can do to strengthen your abdominal muscles. One of them is asking your training partner to throw and hit medicine balls at your abs. If a partner is not available you can perform this exercise on your own by laying on the floor and throwing a ball straight up and letting it land on your abs. This will teach you when to tense your abdominal muscles.

  • Double end bag training

IMG_1423The double end bag training allows you to develop excellent reflexes and slipping skills. Also known as floor-to-ceiling bag or crazy bag, it has many benefits and improves timing, accuracy, rhythm, reflexes, hand speed, endurance and power.

  • Conclusion

Boxing is a sport for the brave, if you are worried about getting hit or injured then is not the right sport for you. Instead, you would be better off playing golf or ping pong. Boxing is regarded as one of those life threatening sports where many boxers have lost their lives. The key to boxing is to be better prepared and trained than your opponent before the fight.