How To Develop A Good Muay-Thai Fighting Style

  • Ideal Fighting Style

To be honest there is no such thing as a perfect fighting style in Muay-Thai because every style you copy has its advantages and disadvantages. Most important thing is to learn the basics right and develop your own style that suits your body type and one that will take advantage of you strengths and hide weaknesses.

When talking about fighting styles, there are two styles that are more popular, one is purely defensive better suited to fighters good at countering and winning on points. While the other one is purely attacking in nature, it is aimed to KO an opponent or get KO’d yourself.

  • Create Your Own Style


Your natural style is developed over a period of time as you spend hours in the gym sparring against different styles of opponents. Against more experienced and better fighters you ought to be more cautious as you approach as any mistake made could spell the end.. This helps you work on your defensive technique. But when you fight against a lesser opponent in terms of experience and skills, you develop a more attaching style, which is also important.

Sometimes fighters with great ability can fast tract their progress and overcome much more experienced opponents with great individual training and skill, but this is a rear occurrence. Doesn’t matter how experienced you may be, you should never stop learning. This is the hallmark of a great champion.

  • Use the Advantages You Have

Your fighting style depends on factors such as height, weight, and reach, etc. If you are taller than your opponent then you can take advantage by throwing long knees, kick, elbows, and punches. But if you are not tall, you will have to be extra careful because if you miss there is a great chance your opponent will counter your move. Being smaller and shorter is a slight disadvantage but that doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot win. You can take advantage of your speed and agility and force your opponent to make a mistake.

To become the best you have to study the best fighters and see how they trained. Develop physical traits similar they have but try to modify them according to your body type. Sometimes being too big or tall can cause problems as you are unable to emulate many styles.

There is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve through hard work, so put in a lot of effort in training and sparring to develop your ideal Muay-Thai style. When you are training, the equipment you use for training is also equally important. Getting the best quality Muay-Thai gloves and protective gear will help you develop your skills faster and protect you from unfortunate injuries.