Get rolling with your Medicine Ball

A medicine ball can be a massive help for any beginner, especially while you work developing power and core muscles. A Medicine ball not only harnesses the natural elastic components of your muscles but also works on its tendons. Your strength, power and endurance drastically improves when you execute strength training and plyometric exercises with the medicine ball.

Medicine balls are available in many different designs, sizes and weights ranging from 1-50 lbs.

Choose Wisely:

  • Getting the right medicine ball is extremely important, weight of the ball must coincide with your physical limitations. A heavier ball can hamper your movement and stamina levels, it can even land you with a serious injury.
  • The ball should be heavy enough to create a notable change in your movement but not so heavy that it weakens your control and accuracy.
  • If you need the ball for exercises that require bouncing it then get a rubber ball but if you need it for throwing and catching exercises then a leather or nylon ball should be preferred.
  • It is not necessary for a smaller ball to be light and a ball bigger in size to be heavy, but a bigger ball can be very useful for exercises such as the overhead medicine ball squat or the overhead medicine ball throw. Exercises that are manageable at an arm’s length should preferably be performed with a smaller ball.

Here are a few basic exercises to get you going with your medicine ball:


V-Ups with the Medicine Ball:


While holding the medicine ball, lie straight on your back and stretch your arms and legs midair. Continue holding the ball with your stretched out arms and get into a V seated position and bring the ball and your legs at an overhead position.

Complete 3 sets of 3 repetitions.


Chest Pass:

Remember your high school basketball training? Solid chest passes? Exactly the same routine with your medicine ball. Get a partner to stand almost 15-20 feet’s away from your position and slightly flex your knees while keeping your abdominals tight. Pass and receive the ball at chest level.

Perform this exercise for 10 minutes straight.


Depth Push-Ups with the Medicine Ball:


With extended elbows put both of your hands on the ball and lie the push-up position. When you’re ready then quickly remove your hands from the ball and land on the ground while performing a push-up with your chest touching the ball. And then rapidly get your hands back on the ball and perform these depth push-ups for 2 sets of 10 repetitions.


Backward Overhead Throw:


Start in a squat position while holding the ball between your legs and with a swift movement release the ball over your head and try to improve your throw with every attempt.

Perform this exercise for 10 minutes straight.


It is absolutely essential to use the Medicine Ball with good movement and control. A wrongly weighted ball can get you in trouble and may even cause an injury. Get an expert advice before making the purchase and try to go for a well trusted brand instead of an unknown one.