Fighting “The MMA Legend” Fedor, Not A Chance – Says Randy Couture

Labeled as “The god of MMA” in heavyweight division, Fedor Emelianenko is searching for an opponent for New Year, which briefly led to Randy Couture, who himself is the UFC Hall of Famer.

Although the money on the table was good enough but at the age of 52, the prospect of face the legend and “God of MMA” 39-year-old Fedor was too much to ask, as he believes the fight could have led to some serious injuries for him.

It’s been four years since Randy has returned to the ring and he feels that it will need a lot of work to come back in to the shape and at the same level to compete against Fedor.

“It’s not a huge money issue,” Couture said. “The kind of money they’re talking about is significant. But it’s more about doing the sport justice and doing myself justice.”

“At 52 years old, to put my body back through all that and do the things I know I need to do to do it right is a lot to ask,” he said on Monday. “I’m more worried about sustaining an injury that’s going to affect the rest of my life.”

These days Randy has been focusing more on acting and traveling, even though he is still in good enough shape but still facing Fedor is a huge challenge at his age.