CrossFit Vs Traditional Weight Training

CrossFit And Traditional Training

Crossfit and traditional training are quite different from one another. We know that weight training builds strength, increases muscle mass and burns fat. However CrossFit workout is designed to focus on achieving overall fitness. Even though some of the CrossFit exercises include standard lifting, but the intensity is much more. This is one of the most efficient way to achieve overall fitness in shortest possible time.

Some of the key advantages of CrossFit and traditional training are given below:

  • CrossFit training is good for both slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers and works these muscles harder than traditional training. It focuses on achieving speed, strength, aerobic and anaerobic endurance through light and heavy weight training workouts. As a result of these intense exercises you can easily accomplish the desired fitness levels you are looking for.
  • Another advantage of CrossFit weight training is that it burns fat much faster. This is due to the fact CrossFit includes a variety of cardio and strength-building exercises, which targets more muscles in each training session. Other than weight training routines, CrossFit may also include other activities such as gymnastics, skipping rope, box jumping, pulling sleds, pushing tires, carrying sand bags, and most of all running.
  • Unlike traditional training where you only target specific muscle group in each training session, CrossFit training covers the whole body including arms, legs, back, chest, forarms, calves and gluts etc.
  • Another advantage of CrossFit over Traditional training is that it is not predictable, your body doesn’t get used to a specific routine and as a result you benefit from it. Your body goes through “muscle confusion”, which means your muscles don’t know what will come next and that results in continuous growth and resilience of your muscles.
  • Traditional weight training help your muscles become larger and stronger but it happens in an isolated fashion, whereas through CrossFit training your muscles develop in more realistic way. As a result your body learns to work together as a whole, making you more agile, flexible and coordinated.

Traditional training only helps you look stronger but when you are addicted to CrossFit training you get much more than that. It develops your speed, promotes your cardio fitness, and help you get into the best shape of your life both physically and mentally. For best results it is recommended to workout using a proper CrossFit weightlifting belts, which helps you stay fit and free from injuries.