Brock Has Words For Rousey

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about unrealistic expectation, hype, fame, the rise and fall – it’s WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar who (in a short stint) dominated the Heavyweight Division to become the UFC Heavyweight Champ and was deemed ‘unbeatable’.

But we all know that’s not true. Rowdy getting KO’d unconscious by Holly Holm sent a devastating message in ripples to all fighters – no one is invincible. The KO had a devastating impact on Rousey. So much that the UFC superstar and only ex-women’s champion (in the UFC) contemplated suicide. Hearing of this must have reminded Brock Lesnar of the time when he too was wrapped in a false veil of invincibility that the world had created for him only to be stripped from it, to reveal that these champions, after all, are only human and they too, can lose.

While Lesnar might seem like a mean green machine, he had some heartfelt advice to offer Ronda:

“I’m a big fan of Ronda’s and have been since the beginning,” Lesnar said. “One thing that I learned and she should have learned a long time ago was that you have to learn how to lose before you can actually win.”

Brock refers to the time he lost to Frank Mir and how that loss taught him to calm down and collect himself, eventually coming back stronger.

He continues:

“That was one thing my coach taught me at a very young age because I was a bad loser whenever I’d get beat,” Lesnar said. “You’ve got to be able to get back on the horse, and this life is very precious and very short. One fight isn’t going to make or break her career. She’s just got to get back on the horse again and figure it out and she will.”

If there was anything that made a 100% sense in what Brock had to say it would be this:

“She can do whatever she wants to do, and I think she’s proven that,” Lesnar said before suggesting that she should concentrate less on what’s outside the cage and focus on what’s inside of it. “I think she’s got a lot on her plate. You can’t be a fighter and be in 10 movies a year. She’s going to have to step back and find out what Ronda wants to do moving forward.”

Maybe Brock has a point. It’s only common sense. Can Ronda Rousey get back on the horse while she’s got all these other things going on in her life?

Let us know what you think!