Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte Fight on This 12 December – Prediction

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Big Fight is Coming on This 12 December

The heavyweight division fight between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte, termed as ‘Bad Intensions’ is expected to be an action packed affair. Both the British based boxers are still unbeaten in their professional careers and a loss for both will be nothing short of a disaster.

Joshua (14-0, 14 KOs) is very confident about winning the fight, says: “I’m going to put on a real show for everyone who tunes in. I’ve had 14 knockouts and this is going to be number 15, there’s no doubt in my mind about that.”

Whyte on the other hand have no fear of facing Joshua, he feels confident because he has already beaten his rival as an amateur boxer. “There’s been a lot of hype around Joshua but so far as I’m concerned he’s nothing special and I’ve beaten him before. I’m going to beat him again in December – this time I’ll knock him spark out. It’s my time to shine.” Says Whyte.

Even though Anthony has previously tasted defeat as an amateur boxer at the hands of Whyte but since then Anthony has improve tremendously. He holds a perfect knockout ratio and also has a better height advantage.

Both fighters have a very aggressive style of boxing, Joshua is famous for his piston-like jab, he turned professional after winning Super Heavyweight Gold in the 2012 Olympics.

This fight will hold much more importance than the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles that are on the line.


AJ has an incredible athletic abilities and his speed and power is something that has made his what he is today. The boxing fans could see action packed couple of rounds and there will be no surprise if Joshua stops Whyte early. If Anthony Joshua wins, he will be expecting big year next year including a shot at the world heavyweight title shot with Tyson Fury.

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