Amir Khan Slams Mayweather Once Again With A Verbal Jab

The British boxing star Amir Khan, who holds a track record of 31-3 with 19 KOs, has been trying to make Floyd Mayweather Jr. agree for a fight with him for quite a long time. Khan says that he’s better than Mayweather but many people, including Mayweather himself, disagree to this fact and suggest that Khan is just trying to add some zeros to his back balance.

Khan once lost a fight against Danny Garcia, the unbeaten American welterweight. He is now looking forward to have a rematch with Garcia and he has predicted that he’s gonna knock Garcia out which will force Mayweather to put on his boxing gloves and have a fight with him.

“It seems to me that Mayweather’s afraid and he might just not ever want to fight me,” said Khan. “People need to know that he’s avoiding Amir Khan.”

Khan wants to be the number one which is why he has been trying to get in the ring with Mayweather for so long. The last time Khan appeared in the ring was on May 29, 2015 against Chris Algieri. It doesn’t seem like Mayweather’s gonna come back, just to have a fight against Khan but anything can happen, after all, it’s boxing!