Alistair Overseem Dismisses Andrei Arlovski With A Cracking Head Kick

Alistair Overeem is now aiming for the UFC Heavyweight title at Madison Square Garden this November

The UFC Fight Night main event at Rotterdam was all about Alistair Overseem’s 2nd round knock out of Andrei Arlovski. This was the first UFC event in Holland and all Dutch fighters made full use of it by clean sweeping all of their opponents with comprehensive victories. But the way Overeem imposed himself in the main event leaves little doubt about his credentials as a potential Heavyweight Champ.

He began cautiously in the first round but straight into the 2nd round you could tell that he meant business. He now aims at the UFC Heavyweight title by making his debut at Madison Square garden in November. He also stated that if he wins the UFC Heavyweight title he would defend it in Amsterdam next year.

‘We’re going to get that belt in November in Madison Square Garden’. ‘(Fabricio) Werdum, (Stipe) Miocic, may the best man win. I’m going to take on that winner and I’m going to beat that winner. And then next year, 2017, we’re going to be defending the belt here in the Amsterdam Arena.’

Speaking about his fantastic finish to the fight in the post-fight interview, Overeem said that he nearly broke his toe with the Head Kick.

‘My toe was at a 45-degree angle, but I didn’t break my toe. Luckily the medic here just put it straight back in and it was good. I thought it might have been falling off, I don’t know!’

In the buildup to the fight, it was believed that Overeem and Arlovski would probably be a little soft to each other because of the reason that they share the same gym at Jackson-Wink MMA.

And some of that could be seen in the end of the fight when the Dutchman stopped celebrating and knelt beside his fallen opponent in a moment of mutual respect and admiration.

“Not a lot of words, but there was a handshake, there was respect. We looked each other in the eyes,”Overeem said at the post-fight press conference. “Obviously this was not a good moment; it was not good for the team. I’ve done the best I could to keep the energy positive, not to disrupt anybody. I think the respect is there. It’s not gonna be gone. We’re obviously gonna see each other in the gym. There’s no bad vibes.”

Come November 12th, we will know for sure if Overeem is really that good when he gets a shot at the title but that’s a very big ‘if’ which needs to be answered.