5 Tips for Choosing the Right Weight lifting Glove?

Like any other glove, weightlifting gloves offer many advantages to the user. We all know that main purpose of wearing a gloves is that it provides adequate protection for hands and wrists. However, with safety they also offer much better grip for sweaty palms.

As you lift heavy-weights it puts incredible amount of pressure on back for which bodybuilders often use weightlifting belts to protect their back. In the same way your hands and wrists needs some protection which is achieved only by using a good quality glove.

When you lift heavy weight, due to constant pressure can develop calluses and blisters on your hands.  However, you can easily avoid them by wearing a good quality lifting gloves, but what makes any gloves good or bad. What are those features you should look in a weight lifting gloves before buying?

Let’s find out!

  1. Consider the Grip


The gloves that don’t wick away sweat deserves to be thrown in the bin because they will be useless in weight training. You need to have a perfect grip in order to have complete control of the weights. This protects you from weights slipping out of your hands and causing a serious injury. So look out for the glove with neoprene inserts, which is ideal for keeping the sweat away.

  1. Consider the Fabric


Fabric is the most important feature to look out when buying a weightlifting gloves. Always buy those gloves that are made of leather and neoprene material because of their moisture wicking abilities. Furthermore, leather will also protect you from blisters. Avoid nylon gloves at all costs because they will slip away when your palms get sweaty. However, technology in synthetic products is growing fast and the industry is now developing a much better quality gloves that offer moisture-wicking properties.

  1. Consider fingerless gloves


The reason why weightlifters use fingerless gloves is that full-finger gloves can trap sweat causing a loss of grip. However, fingerless gloves solve this problem by helping the gloves to breathe freely and by keeping the fingers open provides much better grip on the bar.

  1. Choose Glove with Velcro Strap

wrist strap

It is compulsory for a weightlifting gloves to fit perfectly. Even a slightly loose glove will come off once the moisture sets in even if it is a fingerless gloves. So to make sure the gloves stays exactly where it’s meant to be, buy gloves with Velcro closure low down on the wrist. It will also protect you from wrist stain.

  1. Choose light padded

handy straps

Use only those gym gloves that has just enough padding but not too much padding, this is to make sure you have that nature feel around the bar while lifting.


Weightlifting glove is an extremely important fitness equipment for athlete and bodybuilders around the world. These are highly recommended by top fitness experts and weightlifters to ensure the safety while you are lifting heavy loads. I hope the above mentioned five tips will help you choose the right weight lifting gloves to cover your needs.