5 Things You Should Never Do At the Gym

gym workout

You probably know what to do at the gym and it can be summed up easily like nail your exercise form, apply maximum focus on your workout, use appropriate gym gear and train smart. But the list of what you should not do at the gym or during your workout is relatively longer. Want to know some important don’ts for workout in the gym? Keep reading.

Listed below are the things you should avoid doing at the gym.

  1. Never copy blindly and do what someone other is doing

Well copying someone to achieve fitness goals quickly has become quite common. There are some people who copy the people around them blindly without considering it can become problematic for them. If you are not choosing an appropriate exercise technique for you, there are chances it will go bad. Just because he is more experienced or has joined gym before you doesn’t mean that a guy knows better and he is exercising correctly. Do observe what other people are doing around you but don’t start doing the same.

In order to know the finer points of some exercise and do it correctly, talk to your trainer and follow his instructions. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced coach or training partner is a key to success.

  1. Never get distracted

Avoiding distractions is another important thing you can do for fruitful workout. Unfortunately, just like distracted driving can end up with an accident, distracted workout can also lead to danger and annoyance in gym.

distraction at workout

There are a number of factors that can distract you from working out such as using phone and being wrapped in your iTunes. Everybody has right to enjoy workouts but certain things can cause distraction and annoyance not only for you but for the people around you as well.

If you want to make your and others workout beneficial, don’t waste time and avoid distractions like phone calls and text messages.

  1. Never try to hide or give less importance to any of your body parts

If you are a regular gym goer, you might have noticed that people work out on some body part on certain day of the week or train legs at night when there is no one seeing them. People do so to hide their weakness. If you don’t have great legs or some other part of your body, don’t be embarrassed. You are at gym to train that.

If you really want to improve your fitness, embrace your weakness and work on it instead of hiding it. Double your efforts to achieve your goals and don’t belong to no pain, no gain crew.

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  1. Never confuse training hard with making progress

training hard

There are many people who train hard but can’t make progress. This is because training hard alone can’t give you the results. You need to consider various factors. Doing biceps curls with 25 pound bar for 60 reps or 75 pound bar for 8-10 reps both are hard but former training will give you short term muscle bump while the latter one is better for building muscles and increase progressively.

So don’t train hard and increase the load progressively. Increase your time and shorten your rest periods gradually.

  1. Never make weight progression without nailing your form first

lifting heavy weight

People often make quick progressions and sacrifice their form but this is not a good idea especially for dead lifts and squats. Rather than rushing to add weights to the bar, talk to your trainer and do an appropriate exercise to nail your form. This will bring a huge improvement in your fitness.