11 Things to Buy When You Start Boxing Training

When you are starting out in boxing, there are tons of things that you can buy that will help you in your training. Here I have cut short the list into 11 essential items you must have in your boxing gear, but you can also buy the missing items from the list, it’s entirely up to you.

  1. Heavy Bags


The most important of them all is a heavy bag. You just cannot imagine your training without it. With a punch bag you can work on a number of skills like power, punching techniques, and movement (hand and feet both). When you are working with a heavy bag you think of it as your opponent who will take punches but won’t hit back at you. Like a 3 minute boxing round, you will practice with a bag for 3 minutes and then take a minute rest. Height and weight of the bag will depend on your height and weight so buy one accordingly. If you ordered an unfilled heavy bag, make sure you use the right kind of filling. Mostly people use ripped clothes, sheets or rags etc.

  1. Speed Bags


Another important piece of equipment for any boxer is a speed bag. It helps you with your speed, hand eye coordination, and timing. There are different techniques of using speed bags, you can either use one hand at a time, or use both hands. It’s for you to decide.

  1. Double End Bags


Double end bags are important as it helps you with both your offensive and defensive techniques at the same time. You can practice your footwork, combination punching, and accuracy all at once. This is an extremely addictive and fun way to perform your boxing drills.

  1. Maize Ball

Maize Ball

These is a light weight ball that is used for improving defense. You swing the ball and then try to dodge it with head and body movement.

  1. Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls is not just beneficial in boxing, but it is used in general fitness exercises. They come in different weights ranging from 2 to 30 pounds. It serves two purposes in boxing, to develop punching power, and also helps your body take heavy shots.

  1. Punch Mitts

Punch Mitts

This boxing gear is not actually for you but instead it will be used by your trainer. He will use it to help you spar on a personal level to develop different combination punching and also defensive techniques.

  1. Jump Rope


This small but important piece of equipment will help you warm up and break a sweat before starting out boxing workout. Skipping rope is excellent for cardio and building stamina. Use it for short spells in between more hectic boxing workout routines.

  1. Hand Wraps

hand wraps

Hand wraps is an essential piece of boxing gear that is used to protect your hand, wrists, and knuckles from various injuries. Mostly worn underneath your boxing gloves, before your bag workout and sparring. It is better to buy reusable ones as they are washable and easy to put on.

  1. Mouthpiece


You must have a mouthpiece on before every sparring session, as it will protect your teeth from getting knocked out. Always use boil and bite mouth guard, as it will fit firmly in your mouth.

  1. Head Gear

Head Gear

Every blow you take on your head will leave a long time effect on you, therefore most trainers forbid young boxers to spar without it. Buy one that perfectly fits on your body and make sure it does block your vision otherwise you won’t be able to see the punches coming.

  1. Boxing Gloves


Last but not the least, every boxer must own – not one, but at least two – pairs of boxing gloves. Use one pair for bag work, and another pair for sparring. Before buying any glove make sure it perfectly fits your hand.