100 Pull-Ups in a Day Workout – Do the Impossible

Workout with Pull-Up Bar and Transform Your Upperbody like Never Before

If you want to challenge your back then pull-up workout is the best solution, however remember you won’t be able to transform your lats with just few sets. You need a super-intense pull-up exercises.

Some of these exercises are made up of time-tested compound movements that are necessary for muscular strength and growth. When it comes to effectiveness and versatility for back training, there is no substitute to pull-up.
Despite this, even some trained professionals shy away from jumping up to a pull-up bar. This is because pull up is regarded as one of the toughest exercises if you are not used to them.

Total Repetition Method

Let’s start with a simple workout routine called “Total Repetition”. This workout is designed for intensity training as well as bodyweight training, where you can use variety of equipment like pull-up bar, dumbbells, barbells, machines or kettlebells etc. This is the best workout method when it comes to mastering pull ups.
Start with the lowest number of sets with fixed number of reps. Your 100 pull ups will be divided like this:
Set#1: 15 reps, Set#2: 12 reps, Set#3: 11 reps, Set#4: 10 reps, Set#5: 10 reps, Set#6: 9 reps
Set#7: 8 reps, Set#8: 7 reps, Set#9: 7 reps, Set#10: 6 reps, Set#11: 5 reps


In order to perform pull ups, you need to follow below guidelines for best results.
• End each rep one short of completion.
• Rest no more than 60 seconds before starting next set.
• You can add more weight if you are able to comfortably complete 10 reps in every set.
• But if you are finding it hard to even finish 5 reps, then it is better to add a band of assistance.
• Use complete array of motion.

Pull Up Types
There are many ways you can perform this workout. Even though you don’t really need any equipment as you can use any hanging object that can support your body weight, however it is highly recommended to buy a good quality pull-up bar.
There are some ways you can use a pull up bar for your daily workout.

Standard chin-up: In this method you will grab the bar while palms are facing you. Use shoulder width grip and raise yourself until your chin touches the bar. Next bring yourself down slowly until your arms are fully extended.

Climber pull-up: Like standard chin-up, move yourself up but when you are level with the bar shift your weight to either right or left, then lower your body.

Behind neck pull-up: Grab and pull the bar in the same way as you would do during standard chin-up but instead of touching your chin, you will touch back of your neck to the bar. Then lower down yourself at full arm stretch.
These are the best three types of pull-up exercises that will help you generate great strength in your upper body and will make your core strong.